Why Choose Us

We are working tirelessly to be a business with a living soul, conscious of the overall well-being of the larger society in whatever we do. And are therefore, always striving towards creating a better today and tomorrow for all. As we know without people, there is no value, and nothing to value.

Business Reach

D+O group.world as a conglomerate owns and operates a number of businesses and assets across various sectors and jurisdictions around the world. We tend to be sector agnostic in our business approach, and continuous value creation is at the centre of our strategy. Historically as a group, we have developed, co- developed, acquired, invested & co-invested with strategic partners as a non financial corporate along with acting as sponsors and co sponsors of projects and businesses in the energy sector as well as infrastructure, transportation, mobility, hospitality , ICT, healthcare, aviation, agro, food &beverage, resources, IOTs among others.

The group is conceived as a non financial firm, and therefore does not engage in financial advisory or any other regulated financial services related activities including of regulated securities brokerages or investments. All of our investments activities happens through regulated partner financial firms or through our own regulated subsidiaries in specific markets. We do not manage or advise third party capital, or act as a financial intermediary.

As part of our existing rules, earnings from our subsidiaries generally gets reinvested in the existing subsidiaries in order to sustainably fund their growth & possible expansion. The shareholders gets paid annual dividends from earnings generated by various businesses within the group’s ecosystem. Additional earnings are allocated towards acquisition and other business investments including third party opportunities. We have acquired businesses and assets in a consortium as well as JV structures with other strategic partners and also sold existing businesses to strategic partners as well as the management of our businesses.

As a conglomerate D+O group.world does gets involved in acquiring businesses but not inline with a private equity type strategy, whereby a target company could be leveraged to fund the capital needed to pay for the acquisition. Our investment approach tends to be based on finding synergies and adding value to businesses or projects on a medium to long term basis. So our approach is generally long term.

Our aim has been to deliver greater long-term financial prosperity and gains to our clients and partners by offering our global resources and expertise to suit their individual taste and needs in different markets around the world.

The Business Thesis

Human psychology affects every aspect of modern society including of the businesses and also the overall markets. So understanding humans is key to creating a long lasting business as it is humans who create value for a service or a business. The team at D+O Group.world consists of good people with strong background from across various fields of expertise, who firmly believe that, a good business should also be invested in the idea of a good society. This is true especially now then ever before, as more and more people will continue to demand that businesses take their social responsibilities more seriously.

Almost all economic model and business model come with a shelf life, and overtime even great companies with strong businesses could sleep walk into irrelevance. It has happened before, and quite frankly unavoidable. That’s just the natural process. So the core message here is “ Eventually Everything Fails “, which also includes businesses and the optimum performance level of a business leader. And this is the main themes of business thesis that D+O Group.world fully subscribes to. In the end, the story of a business is also the story of the journey of people behind that business. A good business is about people, strategy, execution, and continuity.

Understanding the challenges and crafting long term solutions requires patience as well as experience, and also sometimes knowing the unknowns. The question we always ask ourselves is, what are we doing to stay relevant and prolong our existence as business for as long as possible. And we believe the nature has already figured this out. To give “ life “ continuity , nature has imagined and constructed millions of diverse species living on the same planet capable of surviving against all odds. Which requires a tireless effort.

It is not about a one size fit all process or system, or mastering a process, not at all. A strategy or a business model along with the business itself can become irrelevant overtime, so continuity requires a continued diverse effort that evolves with time, focused on creating continuous value. Knowing well that, there is so much more that we don’t know. And regardless of what we feel is known, there will always be the known unknowns.