About Us

Today D+O group.world is a formidable privately held holding firm with an ever-increasing global reach and partnerships. We are working tirelessly to be a business with a living soul, conscious of the overall well-being of the larger society in whatever we do. And are therefore, always striving towards creating a better today and tomorrow for all. As we know without people, there is no value, and nothing to value.

Our Journey :

As story goes the journey of D+O group.world of today started as a dairy company based in the east coast of the United States of America in the late 40s. Over time the business developed interests in the financial sector by creating an agro commodity financing firm across central and South America along with an asset management arm. The business did very well for a numbers of yeas before getting hit by the Argentinian and Russian crisis, which eventually lead to the company getting into financial difficulties. Navigating through the economic cycle is never easy, and the management at the time got some of their key decisions wrong. Also the external factors didn’t help. So around the year 2001 the company or whatever was left of it was sold to the current CEO of D+O group.world.

Since then, the business has undergone a series of transformation. Through a process of trial & error. What was once a dairy, agro commodity and asset management business. The business was transformed into a privately held holding group — the Delamore & Owl group of Companies ( the D&O Group ). After a number of years of successful growth while delivering values for its shareholders & partners, the group has now rebranded itself to D+O group.world, to refocus its priorities and stay ahead of the curve. It has exited a number of businesses inline with its strategy to continuously deliver shareholders value while keeping an efficient business model. The group has been through an interesting journey with many ups and downs, and not to mention the challenges it has managed to overcome.

As a conglomerate D+O group.world today is a very diversified, dynamic and evolving business. The collective assets of various businesses within the control of the group is now just under $ 2 billion.

Where we are now

D+O group.world has transformed itself into an extremely well diversified formidable privately held conglomerate, majority held by its management with an ever-increasing global reach and partnerships.

Among our portfolio of clients are legions of governments, nongovernment, and privately owned entities representing more than 20 nations in the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Delamore & Owl group (D&O) of companies was majority owned by its management, and that continues to the case. D+O group.world continues to be a privately held management lead business and the other shareholders of the group include of corporates, high net-worth individuals and a number of family offices.


The Firm's complete library of businesses spreads across various sectors of the economy including aviation, agriculture and agro commodities, commodity trading, consultancy, construction, ICT, infrastructure, environment & energy, healthcare, financial services, mining, among others. In order to accommodate a seemingly boundless formation of clients, the Firm's associates are thoughtfully paired with suitable patrons and tailor each project to suit distinct needs.

As a conglomerate D+O group.world does gets involved in acquiring businesses but not inline with a private equity type strategy, whereby a target company could be leveraged to fund the capital needed to pay for the acquisition. Our investment approach tends to be based on finding synergies and adding value to businesses or projects on a medium to long term basis. So our approach is generally long term.

Our aim has been to deliver greater long-term financial prosperity and gains to our clients and partners by offering our global resources and expertise to suit their individual taste and needs in different markets around the world.

The group is making its contribution towards building the foundation for a healthy and sustainable global economy to help create a better tomorrow for all.