Key Features

Due to D+O’s existing corporate structure, as well as expansionary growth strategy through acquisitions and strategic partnerships across the various mature as well frontier markets and complex jurisdictions. There has always been inherent complexities in creating a consolidated balance sheet. So the Board of Directors on the advice of the auditors, decided to stop creating consolidated balance sheet for the group as of year 2003, but rather to focus on ensuring that each individually owned company activities are conducted according to international best accounting practice. Today the group is a cash neutral type trust structure, and any earnings gets reinvested in the existing businesses or to fund other business activity of the subsidiary or the group at large. The total assets under the control of the group stands at just under Two billion United States Dollars as of end of year 2019.

What we believe in:

Sustainable Growth

A long term sustainable growth through collaboration

Benificial Partnership

Building long-term mutually beneficial partnerships


Partners are always a PRIORITY

Maintaining Integrity

Maintaining Integrity at all times

Visible & Sustainable Growth

Generating visible & sustainable growth

Providing Advise

Providing unbiased & Independent Advise if and when required

Best Solutions

Create best solutions to specifically meet the requirement of businesses, projects and our partners

Be Ready to Travel

Be ready to travel the extra mile for our partners by supporting them with all our resources and skills


Thinking out of the box

Real Value

Creating and adding real value

Growing with Clients

Growing with our clients for a better tomorrow for all